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Course description

The mission is simple: build an engaging brand model that tells your story and creates a culture that you are the face of, while developing the skills it takes to stand in the forefront of your brand.

Everything you ever needed to know, about stepping from behind the curtain, and taking center stage.


  • Dedicated Face Your Brand Account, to move at your own pace
  • Weekly videos delivered directly to your Inbox
  • Expertise from a Branding Professional who has created a 15,000+ member, international movement, with an affinity for creating cultures around brands
  • Interactive Online Group Chats to test out your pitches and products : Built in focus group
  • A safe space for creating and evaluating fears in branding
  • Guidance to create your first, or next, digital product/service to sell online, pushing your brand forward


MONTH 1: This month's courses provide the basis and foundation of which to build upon in Face Your Brand. Your welcome is swiftly followed up with a survey, assessment, and breakdown of fears associated with being in the forefront of your brand. This month also clearly identifies who you are, what your brand is, and students create their brand story. Students will be testing their Elevator Pitches on one another in a Group/Video Chat.

MONTH 2: Logistics and study. This month begins with a list of sites, case studies, and resources to get the actual building of their brand going. We will study social media movements wrapped around online branding, and wrap the month identifying what type of culture can be created around their brand. The emphasis of community is examined, and students being brainstorming their product/service to sell online by the completion of the course.

MONTH 3: Students identify three 'Rooms' that they have been scared to get into, or don't feel they belong in. We begin the #justgetintheroom 'psyching in' process and support system, to break this barrier down. We begin to analyze dealing with competition and potential partners in their brand space. The class capstones with specified personality traits to zone in on, testing of developed products/services with other students, and truly answering the question: Is this type of branding for you?

Evita Robinson

Evita Robinson

Host Gatekeeper

Evita is most noted for creating the 15,000+ member international travel community, Nomadness Travel Tribe. Through the Tribe, she birthed what is now known as the urban travel movement, creating an entirely new sector in the travel and hospitality industry. She has been written about in the pages of the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and more. She’s a travel expert on NYC’s PIX11 and has been a featured guest on MSNBC’s former Melissa Harris Perry Show and various news outlets throughout the country.

Evita works as your traveling host through the courses inside NMDN Black Box and Face Your Brand.

Connect with Evita on social media @evierobbie / @nomadnesstribe.

Contact: fyb@nomadnesstv.com

Course Includes

12 Videos

13 Texts

8 PDFs

4.0 hrs

Course Curriculum